This article was published in 2016.

Mi Mye have shared the video for their new Christmas single 'I'm Dreaming Of A...' released earlier this month on Leeds/Wakefield DIY labels, Hide & Seek Records and Philophobia Music. The video was created by the band and inspired by rainy scenes in old romantic movies.

Originally the solo moniker of songwriter Jamie Lockhart, Mi Mye became a larger project when Jamie moved from the Highlands of Scotland where he grew up, to Wakefield, his now adopted city. They released their fourth album this year, the acclaimed 'The Sympathy Sigh'. Principally they're a band that make beautiful, clever and sincere music.

Jamie from Mi Mye explained the idea behind the video.

"I spent a large part of 2016 in the Highlands of Scotland where I am originally from, this is about coming south to my adopted home of Wakefield and realising that I could smell the sulphur in the cities on my train journey home, but also that I still want to live in the city and still want be be around. In the video I had thoughts of the romantic scenes in films happening in the rain, so I filmed close ups from old romantic films and built a rain machine in my flat and projected these films onto myself so I could be part of the films. I struggled to breath in the make-shift rain machine and it was cold cold cold. Happy Christmas xx Jamie Mi Mye"

Watch the video below.