This is a review of "Midnight Games" recorded by Georgia Thursting. The review was written by Richard in 2017.

Georgia Thursting is something of a phenomenon. Part Amy Winehouse, part Norah Jones, but every inch her own woman. I was recently asked to sum up Georgia's voice. know that feeling when you burrow into a warm clean duvet on a cold winter's night? That's it.

Then there's the songs. Georgia captures the bitter sweet nature of relationships better than an Eastenders scriptwriter. Writing in the first person she can have you lamenting love lost in one line, and celebrating her resilience in the next.

'Midnight Games' is her debut single, available to purchase on her Bandcamp site, or stream via Soundcloud. It showcases her impressive vocal range and the reflective nature of her song writing. It's an accomplished soulful pop song from someone who clearly has the potential for greatness.

Georgia was recently spotted leading the New Year's Eve celebrations at Harvey Nichols fourth floor restaurant in Leeds. She captivated revellers with her voice and beguiling personality. So, make yourself a cup of Horlicks, put another bar on the fire and settle down for the evening with Georgia Thursting. Perfect.