This is a review of "You Do, You Die!" recorded by The Scaramanga Six. The review was written by Andy Roberts in 2002.

Look, there's no getting away from this, there's literally no escape. You can run but you can't hide. By hook or by crook, one of these two bands is going to assault your ears one day. Make it easy on yourself, give in to them! Get yourself a copy of this frankly head-mashing spazz-rock beast of a piece of vinyl NOW!

Thanks to this joint venture between our Wrath and Manchester's Valentine Records you've got two of the most exciting propositions on the Leeds scene at the moment for the price of one. If you buy one of these very limited edition babies, you'll be in possession of one of the coolest singles to be released this year.

Burbling Gallic voices - the likes of which you'll not have heard since a Tricolore listening test at school, announce the arrival of current City Beat flavours of the month les Flames!

If you were at the festival last weekend you just might have glimpsed members of this shadowy bunch scooting around in search of any garage bands that moved. Scratchy guitars and shouty bits sure are the template here.

There's a menacing strum, then that loudmouth swine Henri les Flames! weighs in with a "Let's Go!". What follows next is a breathless headlong dash into the whys and wherefores of why you dear reader, are wrong, or indeed to quote their filthy vocalist, why you are "****ing wrong!"

The other side of this platter features 'You Do, You Die!', a taster from The Scaramanga Six's forthcoming long-player, 'Strike! Up The Band'. Verses are terse, choruses and the rest of the song are ear-bleedingly ace guitar-slashing moments with added screaming.

Multiple lyric points go to the lines: "The girls at the back / they're all dressed in black / Fishwifing".

In short, this song is a brute. It's like a great big thing from under a dank bridge with a Gibson SG and a ruddy great club. It's here to beat you about the head, dunk you in a deep fat fryer and feed you to its fishwife. Give in to it now.