This is an archive of the band profile for Shadow of Memories.

Polly Strange – Vocals
Mike Midgley – Guitar
Paul Grafton – Guitar
Colin Pearson – Drums
Mark Johnson – Bass

Shadow of Memories was formed as a musical collaboration between Paul Grafton and Mike Midgley, the purpose of which was to create music that was both powerful and melodic.

After many auditions to find musicians who would fit stylistically, Colin Pearson joined on drums, followed by Mark Johnson on Bass. The band were working with a vocalist at this point, but in August 2003, after some successful writing, the band decided to part with this vocalist in search of a musician with more power, diversity and range.

The band continued to perform as an instrumental four piece to rave reviews. After further auditions later that year, the band found the vocalist they had been looking for in Polly Strange, who had previously been in talks with labels BMG and One Little Indian. Since Polly joined the band Shadow of Memories have reworked the catalogue of previous material, whilst composing new diverse and powerful songs. Shadow of Memories, with an average age of just 20 yrs, have established a name in the UK underground metal scene by playing gigs throughout the UK..