This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Visa. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2001.

This CD is bloody amazing!

I was given this when we had just played a storming set at Josephs Well. I had the original "Wow Signal" EP from VISA, which I acquired from the Blue Star gig a couple of months ago. Having listened to that EP I was already impressed with VISA but this EP is a definite progression from that. They have improved greatly and seem to have found their own sound. They sound much tighter on this EP than the last EP too.

The band seem to have drawn influences, from what I can tell, to create a sound not out of place in a set by Placebo or Muse but still keeping that Britpop element to their sound which was so acclaimed from the first EP. The vocals have definitely improved and the way the band structure their songs has changed dramatically. If it didn't say VISA on the EP I wouldn't have known it was them!

The 1st track "Making A Mess" has some excellent guitar work and an almost punk feel to it. Some interesting drum patterns in the verse, which goes to half time, and then proceeds to go full force on the last line of the vocal. This is the best track on the EP.

The 2nd track seemed to sound more RAW than the song that it followed on from. This was much more reserved in its style due to the cleaner sounding guitars mixed with distorted guitars on the verse. However, this must be said about the guitars on the whole of the EP, the guitar sounds are absolutely amazing. This song seemed to flow very smoothly.

The 3rd song was a very chilled out affair, with acoustic guitars and vocals, with distorted guitar playing lead over the top (although only in parts where needed) This took the sound back to the earlier EP but all the same it sounded very good.

All the songs on this EP are equally as good as each other (although my personal favourite is "Making A Mess") I recommend anyone to go and see this lot live. You will be glad you did.