This is an archive of the band profile for Buen Chico.

Buen Chico’s songs have been described as a fiery mix of pop new wave, motown, alternative indie and punk, inspired by the likes of Supergrass, The Ramones, The Smiths, Weezer, The Flaming Lips, The Pixies and The Beatles!

They are a Leeds-based band and were re-formed in late 2003 after a major line-up change.

Morgan found Kirsty, the bass player, first – she’d nearly given up her search for the right band as it was getting a bit like trying to find a badger with an afro! But they both liked Velvet Underground [amongst many other bands], and it soon became clear they also both had a ferocious love of music.

The right drummer was even mor difficult to find ... it needed to be someone who - fitted in, who was able to hit pretty hard, pretty fast and pretty much in time! Eventually Kirsty remembered she knew of somebody who might fit the bill – Big Al. Just a few minutes into a session in a Leeds practise room, it became clear that he could hit the drums in exactly the manner required, and thus the third member was found - Buen Chico was up and running.

That was in September ’03 – 12 months later, the 3-man [sorry Kirsty!] format is working really well and the band is going from strength-to-strength with a load of new songs coming through. Highlights of the first year together included;

Kirsty starting to sing backing vocals - she's got a great voice!

London gigs like Club Fandango, The Archway Tavern, 93 Feet East etc.

Doing the Leeds Bright Young Things then being a Futuresound winner and playing Leeds Festival.

Signing a management deal with Pure Wonder [alias Ugly Man Media].

David Kosten of Faultline and EMI fame getting interested in us then doing some demo recordings with him at the flash Jacobs Studios down in Surrey - we've still got one or two things in the pipeline there and obviously hope things will develop.

Other labels showing interest and saying nice things about our stuff.

Year 2 saw a gradual development in the band’s overall look – more songs coming along and Kirsty developing her backing vocals.

Getting on the Queens of Noize ‘Best of 2005’ compilation album with people likeMystery Jets, Maximo Park, The Rakes & The Pippetes + doing a gig with these guys at the Camden Barfly. Apart from London, gigging as far afield as Southampton and Newcastle.

We put out our first single through Pure Wonder – Killing Somebody – which has sold very well and got quite a lot of good reviews. This sparked interest from the Manchester-based indie label, Faith & Hope [Mint Royale, Morning Runner etc]. They came to a few gigs and practice sessions, then we did a bit of recording work with their Neil Claxton which was a really interesting and useful session.

After much discussion with various labels, we were signed to Faith & Hope and have already recorded the first single at 80 Hertz studios in Manchester. The single will be released on July 10th..