This is an archive of the band profile for Duncan McFarlane Band.

'Absolutely great; The Duncan McFarlane Band CD 'All Rogues & Villains' is chock full of great stuff, really powerful playing and singing.' - Mike Harding, BBC Radio Two, Folk & Roots Show, 27th June 2012

'Essentially solid, energetic English electric folk, full of pumping riffs and loads of energy'

'Robust folk-rock - reels, jigs and stout songs, well-executed and infectiously lively'
'It's nice to find a folk-rock band that understands both folk AND rock and knows how to draw on one without diluting the other'

'The world can always use more good English folk-rock and this is loud, fast music, based on the rhythms of English country dance music with sharp-edged electric guitar leads, electric fiddle, and gutsy, gritty singing' (quotes from fRoots, the Yorkshire Evening Post, Dirty Linen (USA), Shreds & Patches).