This is an archive of the band profile for Helica.

Helica are a five piece band based in Leeds and Wakefield in West Yorkshire. The band have been together for just short of a year, although they have all been making music in one way or another for a long time. In the past year Helica have done a few selective gigs and recorded 2 demos. Now they have decided that they actually enjoy making music together and feedback from their live appearances has been very positive. They have been concentrating on writing a very strong set of songs and they are now ready to start gigging regularly.

Helica are: Nicole Zepmeisel - Lead Vocals; Graham Linaker - Guitar, Backing Vocals; Mick Hand - Guitar; Fast Eddie - Bass; Tall Dan - Drums

Helica's aim is to create music of beauty and power with loads of energy and passion thrown in for good measure. They have been described as "ethereal and edgy" and "Cocteau Twins meets Sousxie Souix who then bumps into Blondie.." Nicole's vocals have been described as "mellifluous" and "beautiful".

Helica see themselves as constantly developing and evolving and are not stuck within one particular genre - they write and play songs that reflect them and how they feel at that time, while still having an overall defining sound..