This is an archive of the band profile for Electric Mud Generator.

Duncan - Guitar / Vocals
Jonerator - Bass Guitar
Rick - Drums

Electric Mud Generator are a Leeds based three-piece who formed in 2002. Having previously self-released an album in 2006, they put out their second recording - To the Disdain of Polyhymnia - in November 2008 on Total Prog Records, home of Leeds psychedelic monsters Humanfly.

The band take influences from many sources including (amongst many others), Pink Floyd, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Ulver, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Bauhaus, Electric Wizard, Richard Thompson and The Thamesmen.

The band rarely play anything even loosely structured, opting instead to fumble around in the key of C-sharp and leave most of the work to Sir Landslip, their delay unit. Facing questions about this behaviour, the band have been known to mumble semi-coherently about 'dub influences'.

The group's line-up consists of Duncan (guitar and vocals), Jon (bass) and Rick (drums) but they have been occasionally known to utilise arcane supernatural energies to supplement these earth-bound instruments.

It is appropriate to finish with one of the only verified quotes from the band themselves, being as it is both poignant and deeply relevant:

"It's too early for atmosphere; welcome to Planet Space.".