This is an archive of the band profile for K.O.Kaine.

K.O.Kaine formed in the summer of 2002 from the ashes of underground favourites Freak K.O.

Ad Phillips: Vocals is a trained singer and exceptional front man as well as a master of the synthesizer. His work can be found in a number of other projects including one with Glen from One Minute Silence and the hardcore group Last Days of Vengeance.

Mik Crone: Guitar has worked as a successful record producer, session musician and music lecturer. He has built his own studio and continues to work with bands as a music industry consultant whilst maintaining a crazy rock-and-roll lifestyle. Not bad for a boy from Wakey!

Trevor Nichols: Bass is a one in a kind punk rock Bad Guy. He tears up the stage with his tormented evil glare and casts fear into the audience. His playing has a street style that adds to the grittiness and deliverance of K.O.Kaine's music.

Matt Larkin: Drums is a seasoned drummer who has played professionally for a number of years.

Guitarist Mik Crone and drummer Matt Larkin teamed up with notorious vocalist Ad Philips and punk bass player Trevor ‘leather' Nichols to form a 'glam-industrial-sleaze-hardcore' hybrid of a group.

Fusing elements of different music styles into a furious movie-like presence became the key to the future styling of the group. After releasing two well received self-financed CDs the group set about finding a label to sell their unique brand of music to the masses.

K.O.Kaine finally signed to the Casket imprint of Copro Records in January 2006 and released their debut, 'Accelerator', which is now available to buy worldwide.

They are currently writing material for a new album, and have had amazing success in Japan with their first album. Another notable point is that Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden has been playing 'Johnny' on his BBC radio show!.