This is a review of "Dog on a Leash" recorded by Buzzkill. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

Winging its way from Leeds 6 comes Blind Bear Records' latest 7" single, a split affair featuring the ska-tinged 'adrenaline-fuelled' rock from Buzzkill and a delightful insight into from Adam John Killip. And with both bands covering the other's A-side for their B-side it makes for more interesting listening! Buzzkill have often been a favourite on the Leeds live scene although yours truly has never yet, to my recollection, encountered them. The closest my personal record collection gets to their contributions is Rocket From The Crypt - Dog on a Leash has humour as well as being bashful and upbeat punk. Twisted, but nice. Adam Killip on other hand couldn't be any more different, though just as listenable. He works with The Rusty Stringbreakers (a collaboration that unites many from Leeds' 10,000 Things) to provide the split single with 80% Proof, which has an alternative country feel with deep grounded folk roots. While the Buzzkill cover has a resemblance to Dylan. Overall, this record features two completely different bands that just sound so good when put together - a big thumbs up for Blind Bear Records and a 'go purchase' recommendation from me.