This is an archive of the band profile for Laika Dog.

Born in the depths of the moors around Keighley LaikaDog began life in the early 2000's - naming themselves after Laika the first dog in space.

Tony (vocals), Paddy (bass) and Sim (guitar) were busy building dry stone walls when they decided that a far warmer pastime would be to form a band and play the songs they had been inspired to write. Joined by drummer Parry, they began rehearsing and playing gigs to both critical and fan acclaim.

A little while down the line and van driver Jay was promoted to keyboad player and the four-piece became five.

Playing rock n roll of their own making, they have never diverted from what they see as being the LaikaDog ethic of proper rock played by proper musicians... good tunes included.

Headline dates, festival gigs and a tour supporting Ginger from the Wildhearts have built them a loyal fanbase over the years. Playing live is what they do best.

To date they have released three albums:

2005 - Forever and a Day
2007 - Mercury
2011 - LaikaDog

In 2012 Jay moved on to other things and LaikaDog were back to being a four-piece.

They are currently in the process of recording new material for release in the future... check out the facebook page for regular updates about gigs and the like.

We leave the last word to

"There's no question that if you've not heard LaikaDog then you need to, they're a band that are entertaining, professional, and hammer out tracks that, even if you've not heard them before, sound familiar and get you singing along"..