This is an archive of the band profile for Mazikeen.

Mazikeen began life as indie-rock band ‘Phaze’ in the summer of 2000. Founding members Dave Martin (30, guitar) and Richard Teal (25, vocals) quickly added drummer Mick Diskin (25) to the line up, and the West Yorkshire trio began writing and rehearsing material.

After a succession of bassists, Carl Brookes (27) joined the band in spring 2002 to complete the line-up. Under previous incarnation ‘Phaze’, the group successfully performed at numerous venues across the Yorkshire district, including an appearance at the Bradford Mela festival. Later that year, Phaze recorded their first four-track demo.

Despite their relative success, the band agreed (after great deliberation) that their music needed new direction. In August 2005, keyboardist Lee Hough (30) became the fifth member of the group, breathing fresh air into existing material with distinctive piano and organ melodies. This presented the band with the opportunity to make a fresh start and, as such, Phaze became Mazikeen.

Mazikeen continue to write and perform their own unique brand of music. The band is currently promoting their latest offering “Don’t Know Why”, recorded at Wakefield’s Diamond Studios. Further recordings are planned for the coming months, with the intention to complete a mini-album by the end of 2007.

Mazikeen will appear at live music venues throughout the coming months and hope to participate in several festivals in the summer..