This is an archive of the band profile for The Lost 45s UK.

After recording their debut LP for mod label Biff! Bang! Pow!, The 45s have defined the current beat scene in West Yorkshire and continue to push it forward. They are the real deal, untouched by the plastic trends and fickle flirtations of a music scene desperate to cloak it's latest protegees in the threads of credibility without realizing that credibility comes with following the true path and growing with it, not jumping onto the latest ring road or by-pass.

The 45s was born of a love of classic pop and soul and are clothed in an image that mirrors their real life affiliation with the many splendoured mod scene but they take all that and more to produce their classic sound.

The band is championed on modernist and beat influenced websites the world over and has received prolonged radio play on America's coolest underground and garage radio stations but have an ingrained pop sensibility that cuts across all boundaries and swells the fold.

Nick - Vocals/Guitar
Nige - Vocals/Bass
Wardy - Vocals/Keys
Davey - Drums.