This is an archive of the band profile for Silverlode.

Silverlode rose out of a musical collective, home to many a travelling troubadour, in 2005. The gentlemen quartet honed their prog-pop on two Long Players; As it Always has Been and The Big Nothing.

They fired their first shot across the bow of the Leeds music scene in 2007 with self-produced album Ten Tales of Looming Darkness. Gathering positive reviews for their mix of pop, folk, rock and England's rich history - from the same romantic school as fellow Leeds boys I Like Trains.

Crafting strong melodies with unexpected twists and turns, they are to play in the grand rock set-up; yet are equally at ease with nothing more than a tambourine and shaker. Silverlode are about to release the EP A Glimpse of Lightning, which sees the band in a tighter rock-pop mood, all be it full of stiff-upper-lipped gents, werewolves and murder..