This is a review of "Music Make You Happy" recorded by Ludwig. The review was written by Catherine Klein in 2002.

I want Ludwig to appreciate that I am stingy, harsh and critical. If everything were given a 5 Star rating the whole process would be a total waste of time. It is a pity that I seem to be one of the few members of the LMS team who appreciate electronic music - perhaps creating the illusion that such local electro offerings are of a lesser standard than many rock outfits awarded consistently high marks.

However, if a rock act sent in a demo that sounded only half-finished, as this does, I doubt it would receive a great review from the most generous critic. Ludwig's CD is not bad in any sense, it is just lacking. It sounds like rough sketches and ideas, noodlings that may turn into decent tracks eventually - the kind you might give to another band member to listen to, but go mad if you found out they had played it to anyone else.

The title track "Music Make You Happy" is under two minutes long and its dragging bass has a fundamental simplicity that is pleasing to the ear. But there is not enough here, not by a long way.

Track 2, "Boss Floss" is better and should have been the lead song. There is a genuine and pleasant surprise when the repetitive staccato chord is rescued by a rather original, stylish offbeat rhythm. But it goes nowhere from here.

Track 3 has an Aphex Twin (chaotic era) influence to it, with a hard, pounding, almost unpredictable beat. But there is not enough thought put into the song and it begins to drag after a very short time.

This demo sounds as though it is knocked together in a weekend. In its favour, it does show a flair for rhythmic manipulation. But this is a lazy effort. Sorry guys, but you will have to do better than this to impress anyone aside your mates.