This is an archive of the band profile for LaRusso.

If LaRusso had a mission statement it would read something like this: "Gig. Dazzle. Sweat. Jump. Fall. Weep. Smile."

But mission statements aren't LaRusso's thing.

The bare facts are that LaRusso hail from various northern cities and, rumour has it, are at the forefront of the current scene up here that people are talking about. Excitement indeed.

It's been about four years in the offing but after playing most venues in this blessed land LaRusso are getting the acclaim that is long overdue.

Labelling isn't a good thing, but if we had to wear one it would be one firmly stuck on by all things Seafood, Ultrasound, Mogwai and Biffy Clyro.

LaRusso are standing for what we believe to be important in life: Rock, and indeed, Roll.

Line up is -

Ric Miller - Vox/Guitar
Chris Woolford - Guitar/B.Vox
Lee Knight - Bass
Shaun Rushworth - Drums.