This is an archive of the band profile for Whole Sky Monitor.

The chief export of Leeds' Whole Sky Monitor is sonic shock. Their sophomore effort, 'Twisted Little Piggies', is a discordant, vaguely political, overtly misanthropic body of hyper-energetic and possibly upsetting rock and roll blasts that smokes and sweats bullets. No wussies allowed.
Whole Sky Monitor are fully informed by art-conscience post-punk luminaries such as The Fall, Wire and The Wedding Present and come replete with the ferocity and general prejudice against pop via The Jesus Lizard, early Sonic Youth, or McLusky. When you need a revolt, Twisted Little Piggies will be your go-to soundtracks.

Twisted Little Piggies comes out Autumn 2010 on Firebomb Radio Records and will feature the singles 'Sold' and 'Freakshow'

WSM's 2007 album 'Bland Bland Bland' was named 'Album of the Year' by Atomicduster Magazine.

WSM are released on Firebomb Radio Records , distributed through Cargo & online via I.O.D.A. & they rehearse at the wonderful Mook rehearsal rooms!
Gogs Byrn : Drums
Paul Hewson: Guitar
John Parkes: Guitar / Vocals
Owen Barton : Bass.