This is an archive of the band profile for ninepoundnote.

ninepoundnote are a seven membered band from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. Their inspirations range from 80s 2 Tone bands, such as The Specials, to more recent day punk bands, like NOFX and Rancid.

ninepoundnote was formed in early 2001 when founding members, Chris & Smuff, decided they wanted to drink beer, smell, and make noise in style. The two experimented with different members and instruments over a year course. Playing gigs along the way, the band found themselves a small following of live music addicts and soon they finally got the recognition they deserved.

Though the band has changed it's line up and style of music over the years, the attitude has stayed the same. "Writing and playing music is the most important thing to us. At the end of the day, we all just want to have fun and keep people entertained." commented singer Jonny.

As well as their sounds, ninepoundnote's live shows are a thing not to be missed. The band has frequently proven that music is a thing to watch as well as listen to! All very lively and keeping the crowd bouncing!

The band has toured and played shows with other musical greats such as Catch 22, Bad Manners, The Beat, Sonic Boom Six, Jesse James, SolaBeat Alliance, Route 215, as well as many many more. It has to be said that the band has built up quite a gigging history.

Summed up in three words as catchy, uplifting, and explosive, ninepoundnote continue to live up to their reputation with their own twist on ska, punk, and other junk.

The members: Jonny Fallon (vox), James "Smuff" Muff (guitar, b/vox), Robin Leitch (trombone), Dave Hogan (tenor saxophone), "Little" John Lo (alto saxophone), Paul Walsh (bass, b/vox), Chris Kitson (drums)..