This is a review of "The Fallen EP" recorded by Fulc. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

Imposing verses give way to thunderous monolithic choruses, as Fulc deliver yet another explosive lesson in how grunge rock should sound in a post-Nirvana world. Their new four-track The Fallen EP has more that a passing resemblance with Pearl Jam, along with an apparent nu-metal leaning, albeit slight. Heavy guitar riffs don't destroy the underlying melodies, the vocals are dark and distinguished, and the tempo pointer is kept firmly on 'foot stomping'. Yet that said, the overall tuneful nature ensures the final package is pleasantly approachable. One could say that comparison should be made with bands like Puddle of Mudd or Nickelback, but in this heavily derivative arena Fulc come across as being uniquely innovative and fresh. Perhaps the local angle gives Fulc more than a fighting chance for adoration, but there is something here within this four-piece that is sadly missing from the current band of MTV2 heavy rock faves - importantly, it is so close and empowering you can almost touch it, yet so solid a performance you can almost imagine these Kerrang-stars-in-the-making are, actually, Kerrang cover stars.