This is an archive of the band profile for Printed Circuit.

Claire Circuit, a musician from Leeds, began making music as a solo artist in June 1999, aged 19. During the next five years, she released records on labels like Tigerbeat6, Elefant, 555 and her own label, Catmobile. Her influences are continually taken from diverse sources, most obviously from the Acorn Electron computer games of her youth, but the only real constant is her own ability to tessellate simple melodies into far more complex compositions.

Although the 1980s references come thick and fast in Printed Circuit reviews, thats only one aspect of the music she makes. Her attention to detail - and her determination to make each song better than the last - ensures innovative programming that gives her music life and provides a unique twist on the traditional synthpop sound. Where electronic music is often soulless, repetitive and cold, Printed Circuit is bright, melodic and carefully-crafted electronic pop.

In late 2004, Claire recruited Andrew Raine on live synths. Andrew was better known for his talents as a guitarist, but, undeterred by the challenge of learning a new set on a new instrument, Andrew has now been an integral part of the Printed Circuit live show for four years. Relentless touring has brought the songs to life, and tightened the set, transforming a one-woman laptop/synth show to a rounded live band with exciting stage presence. Claire and Andrew play facing each other, a formation which stuck after a show at London gay club NagNagNag where the stage was too small for them to play facing forwards.

In 2005, Printed Circuit circumnavigated the globe, visiting Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the USA in a two month trip. They have also toured Scandinavia and northern Europe and continue to play selected dates in the UK. Their travels have seen them supporting their own favourite artists such as DAT Politics, Warbler, Max Tundra, Momus, Numbers, Cex, Kid606, Chicks On Speed, Le Tigre, to name but a few. Jon Nash from Leeds combo Cowtown is the most recent addition to the live line-up.

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