This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Two Legs Bad. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

Funk Rock bands are a dying breed (discuss in 500 words or less). The first question then is why? Because the majority of them are not very good and they tend to be the biggest exploiters of tired and tested, slap-bass-riff-driven, meandering five-minute background music. It's a very fine line between a good and bad funk rock record, as demonstrated by such stalwarts as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, with some fantastic and some down right nasty records in their back catalogue. It's this fine line that Two Legs Bad precariously tread. Sounding like Senser having a drink with Nerd, whilst listening to some Roots Manuva and some Rage Against the Machine. There's a lot going for it but occasionally the conversation descends into a heated one about what's best "Funk" or "Rock".

"Motion 5000" firstly impresses with its choppy Chilli'esque riff but then wares thin with the on and on rant of lead singer Hugo Farrant who sounds like he's reciting from 12 pieces of A4. "Panopticon" is as awkward a track as it is to pronounce the title, with a mixture of heavy rock and off key funk fiddling. Things pick up with "Bak T'funk (Ace of Cups)" which ironically sees the band abandon their more experimental moments for a straighter funk track the way mama used to make it. The theme continues with the best and most memorable song on the EP, closer "Amniosis". Again it's straighter but the band reign in the best parts of their style for the catchy chorus break of "In my cocoon I love the world" and without the ropey funk rapping of the first two tracks the vocals begin to shine with harmonies.

There's no doubting which part of Two Legs Bad I prefer and like so many of their genre predecessors they will at some point either have to choose which road they travel or learn to live with both parts of their make-up using them at the right moments and in the right dosage.