This is an archive of the band profile for She's Not Dead.

A Band Biography

Andrew Clark – Vocals/ Keys/Guitar
Peter Birkinshaw – Guitar
James Parkinson – Bass
Roy Gibson - Drums

She’s Not Dead were formed while Andy, Peter and Roy were still at secondary school (all be it not the same one) in 2000. This then led to the usual round of School concerts, dubious cover versions, and playing pubs around Leeds, Castleford and York (Peter now having moved here); however all still without a bass player. After a string of unsuccessful fourth members the band finally settled for James who, fighting against A levels and glandular fever for his first gig, quickly settled as the current bass player in January 2004.

After winning the Ready to Burn Competition with One2one Productions in 2003 the band recorded their first demo, this was followed by an album Together We Are Strangers in 2005. The launch gig for this being put on by Black Market Music in association with HMV Leeds. To accompany this we also recorded a music video for one of the tracks (Revelation) with the help of Ben Hodges currently a media student at Leeds University. Also one of our tracks has been accepted to appear on a charity CD put together by the Virgin XS and sold in Freeport (Leeds shopping centre) over Christmas. That same summer we also played at Greenbelt Arts Festival in Cheltenham.

The band is currently in the process of putting together a 6 track E.P entitled The Beginning. This was recorded during the space of a week at Sir John Deane’s College, and has a much more mature feeling to previous recording. The band also invited a few friends along with their instruments to join in on a couple of tracks. The Beginning is due for release early summer 2007.

Whenever anyone asks us to describes ourselves and the music we create, this usually leads to much head scratching, and after several unconvincing attempts at defining ourselves the phrase ‘dark indie’ is as close as we can get. Most clearly the band is influenced by artists such as Tom McRae, Radiohead, and The Cinematic Underground, though each member has there own more specific tastes from artists such as Sigur Ros (Andy), Muse (Jim), 65 Days of Static (Peter), or Death Cab For Cutie(Roy). Overall we try to take an intelligent approach to emotive music.

Despite the dispersed nature of the band at the moment, (due to members being at University), the band are still playing gigs as often as possible. Recent gigs have included: Josephs well - Leeds, The Retro Bar – Manchester, Chester University CU, Normanton All Saints church mission week, and Fibbers (Barfly) – York, including taking part in their battle of the Bands Competition two years running.