This is a review of "Five Reasons To Be Cheerful" recorded by Chunky Butt Funky. The review was written by Dan Pullinger in 2002.

Recently back from a two-week tour of South Africa and already established as regular performers at The Wardrobe, The Atrium and The Hi-Fi Club, Chunky Butt Funky's commitment to performing the music they love cannot be questioned. And this demo, an entertaining insight into their trademark blend of funk, soul, blues and rock, provides solid confirmation of their talent. The gravelly, soulful vocals of frontman Rev Chunky add gravitas to both the original numbers and subtle cover versions found on the demo, and he is ably supported by tight, versatile playing from the rest of the five-piece. Covers of Crosstown Traffic and Muddy Waters' She's Into Something have been well chosen in that they successfully play to the band's strengths, while their funky interpretation of Can't Buy Me Love is another real winner. However, Chunky Butt Funky are clearly more than just another competent covers band. Original tracks Better Times and Change is Gonna Come are memorable slices of soul/blues that give testament to a lifetime of performing, songwriting and sheer graft from Rev Chunky and co. On the strength of this remarkably self-assured and impressive demo, Chunky Butt Funky are a must-see live act for anyone who's into the groove.