This is an archive of the band profile for Pray For Hayden.

Ash - Guitar / Vocals
Tom - Guitar / Vocals
Mark - Bass / Vocals
Craig - Keys / Vocals
Ben - Drums / Programming

Pray for Hayden are a 5-piece, anthemic Pop-Rock band from Leeds, UK with a signature sound that mixes elements of Rock, Punk, Pop and Indie. Imagine if Wham were to have children with The Clash, now imagine that they forced these children to listen to The Cure constantly. Well that's one way to describe their sound!

Originally conceived as a post-hardcore band, Pray for Hayden formed about 4 years ago from the ashes of two other Leeds groups: Her Alibi and Famous Lincoln. They quickly gained a reputation amongst the underground scene with their off kilter songs and energetic live shows, and along the way they toured the country playing some amazing venues and festivals whilst supporting some great bands including Blood Brothers, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Walls of Jericho and Me vs. Hero. This version of the band, however, was not to last.

Fast forward to 2009. With the arrival of synth player Craig, new guitarist Tom, and drummer Ben, the sound begins to evolve as the new 5-piece take inspiration from the bands they had come to love (Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Go:Audio, My Awesome Compilation to name a few). Synth hooks are layered over guitar riffs, chugging bass lines and drumbeats fuse together seamlessly and vocal harmonies emerge in amongst catchy, melodic choruses that combine to produce their signature sound. The culmination of 12 months studio work has at last come to fruition with the release of their new 5 track E.P. "Chances". Pray For Hayden are back and better than ever! You want fun? You got it!!.