This is an archive of the band profile for O Fracas.

"... O Fracas are exciting and ambitious... a hot bed for edgy and thoughtful guitar churning... and as an overall soundscape this is taking gigantic steps in the right direction... abundant with pace changes, arm wrestling guitar riffs and off kilter melodies... big potent potential!" - Leeds Music Scene, 4/5

"Hyperactive nuthouse rock from wonderful Leeds young things... an intricate and epic experience... highly original... sharp,independent minded and above all captivating... most of their senior experienced peers would struggle to achieve anything as distinctive and inventive as this." - Manchester Music Scene, 4.5/5

"... O Fracas have a strong sense of sonic fun... and a remarkably confident way of writing songs that mess about with conventional structures and utilize different levels of attack, volume and subtlety... I find myself wishing that I was watching them live instead of listening through my stereo; they have an amazing Friday night feel which has left me yearning for the weekend..." - Sandman Magazine

"... It is rare to hear true originality whether it is in the charts or in the demo CD's which land on the Heathen Angel post mat. O Fracas are one such original. Combining youthful exuberance with frenetic guitars, barely contained rhythms and off kilter vocal melodies... they still retain their own unique sound and energy... this is a CD to heard to be believed and I wouldn't be surprised if O Fracas are snapped up by an astute record label before the year is out... A very welcome Fracas indeed." - Heathen Angel webzine, 9/10

"O Fracas are a strange, but captivating young band... agitated and complex... exciting... catchy weirdo pop-rock... It's not commercial, but intelligent, ambitious and deserves to carve a niche for itself." - Whisperin' and Hollerin', 8/10.