This is a review of "This Is My Impression EP" recorded by Fifth Goodbye. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

Sadly, I cannot remember back to my experimentation with guitar playing so the name of the guitar effects used to open Bandstand escapes me, so for my lack of technical knowledge I do apologise. Anyway, I dislike it profoundly, it reminds me of cliché pub pop-rock bands (just add keyboard and a few covers) and it does Fifth Goodbye significant disservice for their initial guitar offering to fall into such a category. Same opinion about the intro to track two, This is my Impression, and this time its use lasts even longer. I have to stress now that basing an opinion on the intros alone is, as I said, doing ill service for the band because the remaining 12 minutes of the CD are quite interesting and completely different. Ok, so the guitar riff and effect remains pretty much throughout Bandstand but it is often afforded less of a focus to my now obvious delight, and the chorus verges more on Sum 41 vocally (the only Sum 41 reference point in the whole CD I should add) and overall it is quite angular emo-rock musically. It's music that demands generalisation as post-hardcore and could force additional mention of screamo, but not just yet - if only vocalist Michael Shaw could loosen up (which he does more of in demo track, Those Silent Miles). Intrinsic, underlying guitar melodies are the mainstay of the Fifth Goodbye stable, pinned together with a great energy and as the band rightly state in their accompanying text (which includes Hundred Reasons and Thursday as influences), "a heavy rhythmic backbone". Fifth Goodbye sound like they are still early in their formation, a few rough edges exist here and there, but they also seem to be evolving fast since early reviews and I wouldn't bet against them becoming a regular, regarded fixture within the emo-interested community within a year or so. Ones to watch?