This is an archive of the band profile for The Dragon Rapide.

"Their rhythms build and guitars infuse themselves plaintively within. Segments of power multiply the intoxication. We think you will really like." Hunting For Teeth UK.

Matt Woodward (played in The Lapse, Origami and Kito), Michael Blackwood (Kito), Stuart Smith (Kito) and Jon Nash (Brown Owl / Tigers!) started writing songs together in a basement room in Leeds, during the winter of 1999. A year or so later they played their first set of songs in a packed room at The Packhorse Pub, in Leeds.

Since then, the release of that set of songs, in the form of a cd (Meetings With Remarkable Machines) in 2003, plus two European tours, a UK tour, and gigs with bands such as Mates Of State, Him and The Lapse have seen them both find their sound and establish themselves live.

Having gone from a band searching for its musical "feet" The Dragon Rapide has developed a style all its own and their current set of songs is reflective of a growing confidence in song writing and subsequently, a more accomplished result than the first set.

At times very English sounding, with melodic influences and sensibilities akin to that of The Smiths or The Sundays, and at times its pointing to Chicago, with a similar school of thought to that of bands such as Five Style, Tortoise and Euphone.

More importantly, it rocks. Sometimes locked in, sometimes loose and improvisational, the players responding to each others embellishments or accents. And above all, it's often joyous, always involved and at times catchy.

Some reviews of "Meetings With Remarkable Machines"

"I love them aplenty and it's a pleasure to hear their sophomore studio efforts. Somewhere between Tortoise, Five Style and a sleepier Shellac is where this charismatic four-piece falls. A really rewarding listening experience. Loose, organic instrumental jams with plenty of charm and Chicago nous." Norman Records & Jonathan Whiskey UK.

"Dissonant chord changes on top of complex rhythms and haunting guitar, collectively searching for the saturation point when it all melts together and fits perfectly." Mashnote Webzine BELGIUM.

"Meetings With Remarkable Machines is fluid, lively, mesmerising and intelligent." Fracture UK.