This is an archive of the band profile for Cav.

Like most Stephen Cavadino started life playing music to himself in his bedroom. After studying the art and his first ventures into songwriting Cav went about setting up his first band. The year was 1998, Cav soon convinced his best mate Matt Cousens to learn the drums and the foundations of the band were born. At school Cav's friend James Forde was just starting out on guitar and bass and was quickly conscripted and the basis of the band was formed. Liam Gardner was then added on vocals, due largely to his success with the girls of the school, and Rob Tristram was brought in on keyboard. Soon after the band underwent it's first re-jig, and Rob moved to guitar and Fordey to Bass. The name Dionysus was agreed upon and the gigs started flowing fast with the band playing a mix of indie, punk and rock. After about 8 Months Rob left the band and Cav had his first run as a solitary guitarist. The sound developed and musically the band was moving in a heavier more rock driven direction, so Cav brought in his good friend and drinking buddy, who just so happened to be a highly competent guitarist, Luke Smithson. This Classic Line-up would continue through to the farewell gig in July 2001. After which Fordey moved to Canada, Matt saved up and set off round the world, Liam headed north to Newcastle and Cav left for Manchester. Since 2001 Dionysus have played 1 reunion gig, in 2005, at which all 6 former members appeared and the crowd were pleased by renditions of all their favourites including the Forde penned "Endeavour", "Mirage", and "Complications" and the Cavadino penned "Amongst the Stars" and "M1".

After Dionysus, Cav briefly joined his brothers band "Evil Little Sister" in order to fulfil outstanding gig commitment when the former guitarist left the day before a gig. After that he turned his hands to other projects, playing his first solo gigs and putting together a part time band named "Dealer Afghan". This project was mainly to enable him and his brother Andy to perform more together and to be a vehicle to play songs which didn't quite work as acoustic tracks such as Cav's "Blind", "Sometimes I feel like my guitars my only friend" and Andy Cav's "Two Hearts". The line up varied from gig to gig. Different line ups included Dionysus members Matt, Luke and on one occasion Liam as well as phenomenal multi-instrumentalist Sam Thornton who adds excitement to any show.

Around 2002/03, after a few failed attempts, the genesis of a new band began to take place in Manchester. Starting out as jam sessions between mates and Growing into "The Conviction". The line up for the conviction consisted of Cav on Guitar and Vocals, Marc Allard on Drums, Andrew "Dragon" Lothian on guitar and Matt Jenkinson on bass. Bass duties were later taken over by Andy Cavadino. The music of The Conviction was very eclectic, with the set showcasing punk, rock, metal and ballads amongst other things and the band played many gigs on both sides of the Pennines. The best received songs were the epic "Chemical Dreams" and "Demons", the punchy "Waiting", the classic ballad "Strength" and the hard rock classic "Living on a Highway".

Again the band broke down when people moved away and the next project "Danger Thompson" involved Cav and The Convictions Marc Allard. The then flatmates performed a multi influenced acoustic set co written by the pair. The line up included dual vocals, a guitar and percussion, with in the form of Bongo's of a Peruvian Drum Marc had acquired whilst travelling. Song's included "Black Lace", "Perfect World", "Bringing you back from Tasmania" and the sing along classics "Geoff the local nutcase", and "I'm a Badger".

Back in Leeds in 2005 Cav set about building a new band. Hand picking instrumentalists whom he new could play and he could work with. The first conscript was Rob Tristram, whom Cav had first worked with back in the early days of Dionysus. After putting forward the rationale they two quickly retired to rehearsal room with a couple of guitars, a mic and a bottle of Jack Daniels, within half an hour or so the session had already yielded results in the form of the "Desperado Decadence". Thus the band description became "Whiskey Driven Blues Rock". The writing partnership would go on to produce many great songs including set opener "Eternity". Added to this were the Cavadino penned "Forever" and "Forgotten Dream" and the Tristram written "Avalanche" and "City in the Sun".

The Cavadino/Tristram frontal attack of Dual Guitars and Dual vocal did however need a rhythm section capable of holding a groove and driving the sound. Thomas Pollock, who had previously band in the Band "Good Question" with Andy Cavadino was drafted in on Bass and James Dunn, former drummer with Leeds Band "Jacks Arcade" was brought in to drive the band from the Drum stool, also known as "The Stool of Rock", and so "Arcane" was born. Dunny and Pollock quickly formed a solid connection and laid driving rhythm sections behind the Tristram/Cavadino partnership. There input didn't stop there though as all songs were subjected to creative discussion by all members as the band listened and respected each other members' opinions. Pollock also provided the lead music writing duties on the psychedelic "Curse of the Blue Room" while Dunny provided lyrics to the blues based "Idle Hands".

Unfortunately after only a year or two Arcane became a victim of double emigration with Dunny moving to Australia and Rob moving first to London and then into a career with the navy.

Since then Cav has concentrated on writing. He is still playing solo acoustic gigs, while at the same time he is still looking to discover the chemistry he had in his previous bands with an as yet unfound new line up..