This is a review of "The Golden Spoon Theory EP" recorded by All Its Worth. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2002.

Research says that All Its Worth, an emerging four-piece from Pudsey are a 'punk rock band' with influences listed as Muse, Placebo, 3 Colours Red and Hole, yet their debut EP is more fittingly described as catchy, guitar pop ditties. The female aspect, and the repeated "Singled Out, Singled Out" lyric on the opening track gives comparison to Lush (which is a bit of a half hearted link on my part) and there is more of a similarity with Helen Love; it has a fizzing guitar buzz in the background and there is a touch of glitzy pop to their rock. Occasionally, there is an early-mid nineties indie sound to the EP, albeit roughed up a bit. Think Belly. In general the tempo is quick and racy (except Different), but all four tracks are 4/4, which means there are no subtle changes, no surprises and it's all a bit predictable. Chord progressions are also quite obvious. On the positive side, Beccy Crowden's vocals are going to interest (or grate). I find them engaging and unique - a bit nasal and female. Good use of dual vocal duties too. To conclude, this CD impresses the idea of young musicians; possibly in their first band, writing half-decent tunes and working hard at getting some exposure. Poorer bands have been signed, Radio One have played worse and I've bought far inferior tunes than this - it is a good debut effort, though I would suggest strongly that their next CD will leave this one standing as they mature as songwriters and musicians.