This is an archive of the band profile for The Cut.

the Cut first burst onto the scene in the summer of 2003, showcasing their original mix of rock, indie, funk and dance music to their now national following

The band quickly strode through Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and London picking up a strong army of fans and enthusiastic promoters along the way, and developing their now renowned and un-rivalled live ability. Fantastic reviews, sell-out gigs, appearances at 'In The City' [Manchester], music videos and their previous demos created a media buzz surrounding the band in the north

The bands latest single 'Dazed' was released as a download only single in October 2006 and reached number 94 in the UK download chart

Regular performances at well know venues such as the Dublin Castle [London], The Cavern [Liverpool], Night and Day [Manchester] and The Cockpit [Leeds] ensure that the Cut continue to entrance audiences with their energetic and addictive live shows.