This is an archive of the band profile for d-koy.

Percussion: Jimmy Milne - After giving up his job of being bodyguard to an ex-member of S Club 7, Jimmy decided to focus on smashing up small pieces of wood for a living. Now with a little bit of d-koy in his life, he can express himself fully with his snare, his toms, his high-hats and his armbands. Fair do’s.

Bass Guitar: Sam Hyman - Having an uncanny ability to get lost anywhere, more often than not within his own parallel reality, Sam decided to come back one day, laughing at his own jokes and wielding a battered case full of very bizarre ‘musical compositions’ that nobody quite understands. Yet.

Guitar/Vocals: Seb Greenfield - Seb was reported missing from a Mental Asylum five years ago. Scrambling through the bracken covered moors, he was last seen on top of a mountain babbling incoherently at bewildered sheep, totally unaware of their incomprehension of his constant incessant whining diatribe. Henceforth, d-koy lyrics were born. Seb delights in breaking moulds, inventiveness and the sheer creativity of a band like d-koy..