This is an archive of the band profile for The Conviction.

The Conviction is the latest project from Stephen Cavadino (Dionysus). They are a new band playing an eclectic range of guitar based atmospheric rock. Some have described them as having a metal sound while others believe it sounds like stoner grunge or even, at times, classic rock. In truth it's a mature blend of these and more. A sound that appeals to everyone. If you like good honest guitar riffs driving the set with some hooky chordal choruses, an intense exciting atmosphere and a bit of experimentalism, then The Conviction is the band for you.

The line up is Cav, on vocals and guitar, Andrew Lothian, who orginally hails from Tebworth and is a very innovative guitarist, and Marc Allard, who originally hails from Leicester and grew up playing percussion, this training in percussion adds extra depth to the sound. Currently the band are using guest bass players until a permanent member is found..