This is a review of "Getaway" recorded by The Music. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

They still look like extras from the rough council estate in The Bill but the 4 lads from Leeds have done pretty well for themselves in this their year of destiny. With a style that sounds like Led Zep at the hands of a skilled dance remixer they have defied the odds. While all those around them sung the praises of garage punk and lo-fi, they unashamedly launched a successful career based on big production and dance cross-over roots. To all those bands out there wondering if they are doing the right thing, if their style is quite right, worrying that you don't quite sound like trendy band X or have an image like trendy band Y..then let The Music be your example! They did it their way and are reaping the rewards - Wise man say "if you're good and you get the crowd going, then there is always a market for you my son".

This is the forth release from their debut album and sadly it has that feel about it. The song is good but the package has that "we're too busy at the minute, but we better cash in on the hype" feel about it, being two songs and the video. "Getaway" is more of the usual dance along riff pounding stuff, but I guess if you own the album it's nothing more than a collectors piece. The real value comes in the form of Leeds recorded (Soundworks) b-side "Dragon Song", a solid addition for all those 'must own everything' nuts. It's good but more of the same old.

It's a true sign of The Music's success that they have now reached the stage where their influence on this release was probably minimal, with record company Hut doing the work to keep the momentum up at home while the boys tour the US. Verdict: buy it if you love the band and can't get enough - don't buy it if you own the album or are considering owning the album.