This is an archive of the band profile for Joe Lewis.

Joe Lewis: singer/songwriter, guitar
Paul Jepson: guitar
Simon Albone: bass, keyboards
Tim Mills: drums

This band have been on the Leeds music scene for a good few years under various names (Tragic Minds, The Neat, Overlord, Gee Spot to name a few). They have now been taken under the wing of Kevin Smith to produce their album at his "The Big Mix" studios. This latest project is being co-produced by Mercury Award winner Choque Hosein. The band have also been heavily involved in the production of the official Leeds United Albums, of which the third edition is available now. These lads perform some great covers, but their strength lies in their original songs, penned by lead singer Joe Lewis, a talent that must be dicovered. Watch out for Joe's debut album, out later this year. .