This is a review of "The Thomas Pink Session" recorded by Decoration. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

A busy yuletide schedule forced this review into 2004 and subsequently stopped it being my unsigned CD of 2003 and yet although I am sure to receive many more CDs from eager young artists in the coming months, I am unlikely to receive many that better this!

In the tradition of such talented indie songwriters past as The Wedding Present, Billy Bragg, Shed Seven and such recent contemporary lights as British Sea Power and Franz Ferdinand, Decoration deliver some heartfelt guitar brilliance without the aid of fussy melodies or pointless guitar wibbling. From the first line of "Candidate" - "They call you echo, cause you always answer back" my wavelength is attuned.

If 3 Boltonians & 2 Londoners living in Leeds is the formula for this level of excellence then we should all be doing it. It's hard to pick highlights as all 4 tracks offer their own simple guitar clashing hooks, reviewers duty points to the Rose's guitar solo of "Joy Adamson" and the "play me again!" playout to epic closer "Fly North".

If the story of romance accompanying this CD is true, that the session was paid for by a 17-1 win on the horses in the Thomas Pink Cup then the gods knew exactly what they were doing when they swung the pendulum of fate the way of Decoration.