This is a review of "I Like It Too Much" recorded by Superelectric. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

With no biog and no current info available on the old entirenet, Superelectric are an Indie Electronica mystery. Four songs on this their latest release merging New Order melodies and vocals with early 90's indie dance crossover beats, spiced with contemporary herbs ala Spritualized, Primal Scream and The Rain Band.

It's all pretty understated and too often promises but never quite delivers. Each track swells with the promise of big outros and soaring choruses but they never quite get there. Played loud this would entertain any well lubricated indie club and have a dance floor Ian Brown posturing and twitching. But without the punches provided by big speakers it becomes more of a pleasant set of background soundscapes.

It's technically polished and accomplished - knobs are twiddled delicately, guitar and bass lines enhance clever beats avoiding the fussy. It's all to be expected from a band with plenty of years of experience under their collective belt but the good now needs to become the spectacular.