This article was published in 2004.

Singer-songwriter and virtuoso guitarist Jon Gomm is releasing his debut CD on February 17th. It is a full-length album entitled Hypertension, and will initially only be available from his website.

Jon has built up quite a name for himself in Leeds, playing drums, basslines and guitar parts simultaneously on his humble acoustic guitar. The album has a live feel to best show off his attributes as a solo performer. "All the tracks were ONE guitar and ONE vocal," stresses Jon, "I didn't want to use overdubs. The album is a recorded representation of the craziness people have witnessed at my gigs. And I had to put "High And Dry" on there or I would have been lynched" he adds in reference to the Radiohead cover on the album.

There is a tour currently in planning, with dates confirmed so far in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff.