This is a review of "Atrofeed" recorded by The Downfall. The review was written by Paul Geary in 2004.

To be honest I've never seen Downfall before, never heard a single note played by this lot before, I've heard good things, don't get me wrong, but I've never been to a gig to see them play, call it laziness I guess... I am truly foolish. Downfall have probably put together the most honest, heartfelt, powerful recording I've heard in an age.

From the onset this is inspiring stuff. Flux kicks off with a head noddingly good riff, breaking it down to a bass chordy/vocal break, reminiscent of UK post hardcore boys Tribute To Nothing. Next track Swandive is my definite favourite of the EP kicking off how all good rock songs should: big. Again, well thought out guitar and bass riffs and precision drumming, but what really shines through are the vocals, so powerful and emotional but never pretentious or fake. Vocals to put the world to rights with. Throughout the rest of the EP there's not a dog of a track on here, all good, from the more steady paced Mourning All Night to the ultra catchy Problem #1 (maybe too catchy. You know when you're trying to get to sleep and you can't get a song out of your head, well that was mine for 2 nights running, bastard).

After the current influx of tedious metal inspired Yank emo it's so refreshing to see a band truly at the top of their game from these shores playing such honest guitar driven rock music, call it emo call it post hardcore, whatever. What you do have here is 3 musicians playing for (I guess) the love of the music, not the style or the scenester points just to rock and rock they do. I can't recommend this highly enough.