This is an archive of the band profile for Leadtheway.

ADAM HANLEY - Vocals / Guitar
DAVE BAUGH - Guitar / Vocals
ANDY YOUNG - Bass Guitar

LEADTHEWAY was formed in 2002 with the sole intention of rocking Wakefield to its very foundations with their own brutal brand of raging political melodic Hardcore. As testament to their brutality, the area on Dewsbury rd where once stood the Saturn Studios (the bands Old Practice Space) is now no more than a barren Wasteland. Such is the ability of this band to rock with incendiary force. Some skeptics believe that the area was flattened to make room for a new housing estate. They believe that the fact LEADTHEWAY used to practice there is just coincidence, and insist the band played no part in its untimely destruction. Coincidence? You be the judge.

The Members of LEADTHEWAY all left lucrative careers to answer the call to arms. Dave was a member of the elite RAC and saw action during the gulf war "on Telly"; Adam left his highly successful job winkle picking manager in the Humber estuary; Paul Geary gave up drumming for successful Hard rock Outfit EXTREME after receiving bass lessons form fellow EXTREME member and childhood friend Pat Badger; Steve cut all ties from his former life as a Hollywood extra after appearing in such prestigious movies as "pearl Harbor", "braveheart" "police academy 3" and big trouble in little china. And so LEADTHEWAY began their musical adventure. Along the way they have encountered many obstacles; stingy taking back Thursday for a friend headlining bands who wouldn't let them use their gear, angry Troll-like old school punk bands who refuse to believe any good bands have existed since the early eighties, and innumerable posers and Blink 182 clones, even in the face of this onslaught they have somehow managed to keep going rocking harder than ever before. It seems that the only thing tat could possibly stop LEADTHEWAY now is Armageddon itself. That or Spiders, Or Diarrhea..