This is a review of "Attack! Attack! Attack!" recorded by Black Wire. The review was written by Noah Brown in 2004.

Now then. A hell of a lot of tripe has been talked has been talked about this lot, a lot of it on the boards of this lil' site. For fuck's sake. Would it be okay if they were less "fashionable", musos? They just wear jeans, t-shirts and Converse for fuck's sake. It's hardly Nicky Clarke is it? Dudes, get over it, you're all sounding old, fat and jealous. Oh yeah, they use a DRUM MACHINE as well. Gasp. Who's heard of it, eh? All this newfangled blasted technology...

If any proof is needed, this is it. The zombies have hit paydirt with the fine, fine "Attack! Attack! Attack!", sounding confident and assured yet raggedy and dirty. Over a sparse, syncopated drum track and tight noo wave bass rumbles the guitars do that twisted surfy/Dead Kennedys thing. The drums give it a "punk-funk" jerky kinda lift, but what the fuck is "punk-funk" anyway? What the fuck is anything? "Very Gun" reminds of early 80s Sheffield shit in its mood at least, and the metronomic hammering beat could be HARD hard techno. The guitars are staccato and the chorus is multi-shouting. The overall effect is unaffected intelligent delinquency. Production is nice as pie also.

They're hard to pin down but they've got a class and authenticity about them that suggests SHIT MAY HAPPEN. Joy Division, The Faint, The Cramps, all have been invoked spiritually and sonically. Ex-rock-rockin'-rock star Pete Doherty likes 'em as well. All those murky denizens of the web who spout on and speculate, have not heard and expect to sound like Sigue Sigue Sputnik will be fuckin' surprised. But the joke is on you, coz if they DID sound like Sigue Sigue Sputnik that would RULE! Assured debut, limited run.