This is a review of "California" recorded by Bodixa. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2004.

The very luscious "California" is being trailed as Bodixa's next single: a morsel to take out on national tour duties with Adam Masterson in the second half of February.

The now-unmistakable sound of two crystal voices and a yearningly open harmonic wash evokes the emotional territory of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. Maybe without the gold-plated taps, but still a vintage weepy. Three of us sitting round to hear it for the fist time simultaneously reached for Coldplay's Blue Room EP to relisten to our favourtite ever Coldplay song "See you Soon". There are some uncanny moments in the fingered acoustic introduction that make it possible to play the songs simultaneously without any conflict. Chris Martin is said to have explained that he didn't persist with the song because it didn't go down well on live gigs. But what does he know?

I especially like the English pronunciation of "Cali-for-nia" (rather than the dumb-bunny "Cally-fornya" that we usually endure). It's all part of the clarity and precision of the whole thing. Local BBC Radio listeners seem to have liked it too.

Second track "Sleepless" is a little more grown-up-sounding, with some French sounding inflexions and a bit of near-jazz drumming. It's high calibre stuff, and a very agreeable extra to go with the comforting heartache of "California".