This is a review of "Change My Mind" recorded by The Blueskins. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2004.

I heard Change My Mind on BBC 6 Music this week and rather liked it, but as usually happens with me I didn't have a clue who I was listening to. So it's nice now to hear it again and realise it was local boys The Blueskins that had listeners jitterbugging like fools. A lot of The Blueskins stuff has felt haphazard and directionless, an accumulation of ideas that sound good in playback yet don't quite come across like a finished product. On their last EP one of our writers said the 'top tune on the EP' basically had 'no song' and this is my point too. It isn't meant to sound like a criticism; personally I find there is an endearing quality in the loose musical exploration that sometimes comes out of early recording and songwriting ideas and I can often despise music that sounds overcooked. The Blueskins's blues style suits a more laidback, relaxed approach where the music just flows out of them as they go... you can almost imagine songs being thought-up, written and recorded in one-take on a hazy afternoon in the studio. The B-side to the new EP I wanna know is a perfect example of the racket that The Blueskins can produce when left to their own devices, and after a 5-second intro that leant initially towards 60s psychedelia we find ourselves in a quick-fire clattering, slapdash dirty blues rock tune with some accomplished lead guitar playing and repeated 'hey hey hey, I wanna know' lyrics. Change My Mind, the single, counters the argument that The Blueskins make it up as they go along. It sounds more mature, more accomplished, and works very well as the main track on the single. It is a lot more polished as a song, and no wonder it is cited as a 'live favourite'. A pretty neat number with yet more quality guitar work.