This is an archive of the band profile for Funktion.

Funktion formed at school and messed around with names and numbers before settling on a line up and a name. The newly christened Funktion with their solid line up started writing in their own unique, instrumental style instantly, building a strong and well rehearsed set. Their style varies massively between gentle jazz with a groove (German Jazz) to loud and vicious rock (Colours May Vary), but is mostly dance to me funk with a sprinkling of rock. Their album (the imaginativly titled Funktion) was recorded at Bradford's Voltage Studios, and contains the seven main songs in their set at the time. Since the album their set has more than doubled in size giving them a more than adequate set. Gigging infrequently (when mood and coursework allows) they are always on the look out for gigs, or anyone willing to give free money to musicans (hell I can dream)..