This is a review of "Falling Off Buildings" recorded by Tempting Kate. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

The latest release, "Falling Off Buildings", has confirmed my faith in the ability of Leeds/Stirling outfit Tempting Kate to knock out some excellent indie guitar-pop songs. Their previous release "Waiting For Nothing" returned top review after top review, and this one will be no different.

"Eating Concrete" opens up the CD, and is a little heavier than their usual delivery, but still... it's excellent. Scarily suitable harmonies, a mix of heavy distortion and soaring pop moments in the guitars and a general feeling of "could this get any better?"

Well, yes. The title track follows and is the classic indie pop tune on the CD, yet it still utilises a nice'n'dirty guitar and bass sound. Writing danceable, bouncy, pogotastic tracks is obviously why Tempting Kate was formed: "When you watch me falling off buildings, Do you know you're still my saviour, I can watch you watching me falling, Never need to return that favour".

In my last review I said that "if they fail to get national recognition it will be a major travesty" and I stand by that. If you like Idlewild, you will like Tempting Kate, a band that stand up very well to their signed equivalents.