This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Finka. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

There's no denying Finka's ingredients, they spice and flavour every ounce of this neat 3-song demo. The only down side is that there is nothing on offer that you won't have tasted before. The Elbow melancholy of opener "I'll Spread The Word" is a common theme, sweeping mini epics of well-reverbed distressed guitars. It's Coldplay songwriting with hearts strapped to sleeves and the strings well and truly plucked. Acoustic strummer "So What Now" carries on the bleak theme and spiky closer "45" shows a glimmer of the band's own ideas coming to the fore above those previously being regurgitated. It all sets a particular ambient feel and if anything suffers from a lack of annoyingly memorable hooks.

Finka smell of quality and a band who fit together. They've passed the step of a band finding their sound, and although the one they've found takes plenty of leaves from others books it's clear to see why the band are currently attracting attention on the North West circuit. If the fickle blind mice of the industry decides there is still room left on the angst truck then Finka deserve a ticket as much as any of the other stalwarts. Some new spices added to the mix should see some stronger lasting flavours in the future.