This is an archive of the band profile for Rhombus.

Rhombus are a Goth Rock act based in the north of England, Mixing male and female vocals with swirling guitars and driving bass. We're more traditional than the missionary position.

We play all over England, venturing up into Scotland and down as far as Somerset and where we haven't been our music has being regularly played in alternative clubs across the United Kingdom and Mainland Europe, stilton might not travel well, but we do.

We've played a lot of good venues, clubs and towns. We've played with some top bands including The Damned and NFD.

CDs, t shirts, badges and digital downloads are all available to purchase from our website

2007 heralded the release of our new CD 'Remembrance Day' with support from Resurrection Records, saw our permanent line up expanded to four members, and the new CD receiving airplay as far a field as New York, Chicago, Moscow and Sydney.

If we're not playing your town soon, drop us a line, we'll try and sort it out..