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Prepare yourself for unexpected delight.

Out of the North of England come The Pretty Machine forcing ultimate rock down the throats of many boys and girls, atleast since the year 2003. The Pretty Machine's real names are:

Ben Janet (BJ) - Vocals / Bass Guitar
Richy Lloyd - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ash Pears - Drums / Backing Vocals

The Pretty Machine are a loud, hooky three piece rock band, taking influence from a whole bunch of British bands to the likes of The Wildhearts, 3 Colours Red, Kerbdog, Therapy? - and the occasional American ones like Foo Fighters, Lit, Pixies, Everclear etc

Unlike Bill & Ted, who had a Bogus Journey, The Pretty Machine's travels around the UK have been awesome, and include storming visits to London, Manchester, Leeds, York and Huddersfield, playing shows with awesome bands like '[Spunge]', 'The Luchagores', 'Eureka Machines', 'Billy No Mates' and local wideboys 'Mr. Shiraz'.

The Pretty Machine over the last six years have independently financed and distributed a collection of 6 radical CDs, including "Covered in Fire" (2006), "School Children Need It" (2005) and "Rockin' Stockin' Filla" (2003). The band have also appeared on a selection of CD compilations, including "Rhythm Drum Magazine Issue 234", "A Place Inside Our Minds - The Official Feeder Tribute" and "Boot Music - Best of Leeds".

February 2008 saw The Pretty Machine celebrate five years of making music together, and was immortalized with the recording of their first full length LP. "Let's Do Battle". However, after listening to it properly - and being the perfectionists they are; they said 'Nah. Lets do it again but better'

So they have since been working on it again, but better, and it promises to be an exciting fresh release on the scene. It is currently being recorded and mixed by the band, and is due to be released through the bands own indy label, Def Granny, Summer 2009.

Anyway, the live shows are loud and rad and the music ejaculating from the stage sounds twice as epic as could ever be captured on some kinda record, but that is not to stop them from trying.

See you at a Leeds venue soon. So, Let's do battle, ya?

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