This is a review of "Get Out of the Warehouse" recorded by Mr Dogg. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2003.

This 6 track EP races insanely through Jam popness, Pistols punkness, punk skaness and punk death metalness. The eight down strokes per bar early Jam bits are the best. But the rest is mad and enthusiastic enough to satisfy the "never left the basics" crews up and down the Corn Exchange hang-outs of Britain. The drummer sometimes forgets to keep in time with the guitarist, and the bass player likes to be given half a bar silence so he can crash in with a dumb riff just off the beat. But hey, who cares? When these rabid canine gentlemen tear up the musical rules you’re either in there with them or you’ve left town. Enthusiasm and a love of dizzy noradrenalin surges pulse though this CD. A slight tendency to go for elaborate style medleys (track one is the main culprit) needs to be taken aside and given a good talking to.

But on balance the fast and furious stuff has plenty of balls and plenty of heartfelt integrity. A twenty minute live dose is recommended, followed by purchase of the CD at the gig and a hungover reprise through the Walkman on the way to work next day. Excellent Adventure!