This is a review of "First Blood Part II" recorded by The Horror. The review was written by Paul Geary in 2004.

The word of the day is Incendiary. The mighty Horror return from what seems an age to unleash a fresh strain of succulent thrash hardcore onto an eager public. What you have here is a culmination of all things right with the UK hardcore scene at the moment. From the opening track "The Horror" to closing track "All Kippers And Curtains" there's not a dog of a track on here. Relentless precision drumming, rumbling powerful bass and quality guitar work.

The one thing that elevates The Horror to a higher level has to be Andy Bryant's vocals and lyric writing prowess. From the excellent "Attack Ships on Fire" (which I thought was about the scene in Blade Runner, but was put right by an annoying friend of mine) to the grin making exotic - "There's a hair salon called dressing gown" indeed. Sung/barked with genuine passion and conviction you can't help but admire the feeling put into this recording.

If ever you get the chance to see these live I'd recommend taking the time out to see 'em. Andy Bryant and co. give a fantastic show and usually an interesting rant or two thrown in for good measure.

If you're a fan of bands like The Rites and Army Of Flying Robots then this is your next purchase.